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Hi there! I’m Chiara, and I’m a passionate dog lover.

In my lifetime I’ve always felt the need to stay with dogs, and teach them to be happy and peaceful as possible! A trained and respectful dog is a happy dog ​. With this goal, I began to take the dogs out for a walk in the neighborhood of Milan, where I was born and raised, or to keep them with me at home.

One of my main experiences was  at the Kennel of Milan: first, for a long time, as a volunteer, then as a worker. Working in a kennel environment, you can observe and learn so much about the set of actions of the dog. I learned that the behavior of dogs is not random; so I started to go into the wide world of Dog.

I’ve done several training courses to learn canine language and I’ve tested all the exercises with the dogs of my clients.

After years of working as a Dog Sitter, Dog Walker, Dog Trainer and behaviourist in my hometown, after having done Pet Taxi and also having been a passionate Assistant Dog Groomer in a Pet Shop in Milan, I moved to London, where I worked full time with dogs for more than one year, in a very nice nd professional Grooming shop. I became the manager of the walking and day care section, operating between the grooming assistance and the training, dealing with the clients and advising them in many different things.

At the end, my passion turned into useful work for the society where I live, and I am really happy about it.

I am also more than happy to announce that finally I had the possibility to adopt a dog! Hero is his name, and he is a border collie cross…lovely rescue, but I still need to work a lot with him!

Me & Hero

Me & Hero

I wish you a happy stay on my website!

Yours sincerely,


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